Production logistics

Production planning and control (PPC) forms the core of every productive business, today as then.

There are various question associated with the need to use all resources involved in production processes as efficiently as possible whilst at the same time optimising the whole system. It is the task of production logistics to develop innovative solutions to ensure production structures and processes are as efficient as possible.

The yardsticks for this include the following:

  • A short time span to process the production orders
  • The order remains at the workplaces for as short an interval as possible
  • High utilisation of the work stations

Production logistics delivers, in direct comparison with the task of production planning, dynamic methods for production planning to optimise production processes. Production planning and controlling is about deciding which production method will deliver the maximum profit for one or more planning periods or keep costs in the time period planned for this product quantity as low as possible. Certain tasks and performance targets have to be fulfilled in the company for this goal to achieved. These tasks and services are defined in the production program. Production planning and controlling also has the central task of planning and controlling the production and assembly processes in relation to date, capacity and volume.

Process and system orientation

During the realisation process, we proceed in a process and system orientated manner and analyse your whole system of processes, employees and technologies to the necessary depth of detail in order to organise them using mathematically logical methods.