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Production logistics with Math.Tec

The centre of a manufacturing business is its production planning and management. Probably the most important question in the whole production system is how to use all available resources efficiently. Our production logistics programs provide an answer to this.

Measures which can be taken in this area include:
• A short time span to process the production orders
• The order remains at the workplaces for as short a time as possible
• High utilisation of the work stations

How do we optimise the production processes? By using dynamic methods in production planning. Production planning and controlling is about deciding which production method will deliver the maximum profit for one or more planning periods or keep costs in the product quantity planned for this time period as low as possible. In order to achieve this, certain tasks and services have to be performed. These are defined in the production program.

Production planning and controlling also has the central task of planning and controlling the production and assembly processes in relation to date, capacity and volume. All this can be calculated mathematically and executed in an efficient and, most importantly, optimal manner.