We like all figures.

But the ones in the black are our favourite.

That’s why all services and products are geared towards making our customers’ processes as efficient as possible, and as a result to achieve an optimisation of costs.

MATH.TEC products

icon_mathtourMATH.TOUR –
Route optimisation

Nothing is so good that it can’t be improved upon: MATH.TOUR will optimise your delivery and collection routes using the most up-to-date mathematical algorithms. But every solution is different, as we will create a tailor-made solution for your company which is adapted to your individual circumstances such as delivery details, opening times, time windows, vehicle size and so on. We will create the most effective route planning possible for your company.

icon_mathpickMATH.PICK – Warehouse optimisation software

When everything is where it should be: MATH.PICK, our warehouse optimisation software, allows us to make your warehouse management system more efficient in the areas of optimisation and statistics. We will optimise your picking processes to the point where all the available potential is put to use. The optimal positioning of goods will reduce your picking costs. And that’s a calculation that always works out!

icon_mathpackMATH.PACK – 3D packing calculation for load carriers

Picture your success! MATH.PACK delivers a 3D packing image optimised according to volume and stability using article measurement (length, breadth, height) and individual article features. This allows us to ensure load carriers are utilised to an optimal degree and also guide the picking and pallet systems. MATH.PACK means you save time and money.

We are not just taking shots in the dark.

We always hit the target.

Because mathematics doesn’t do half measures, you can really rely on Math.Tec. We guarantee you a precise, highly efficient calculation, based on modern mathematical algorithms. And you can see for yourself the benefits this brings.

MATH.TEC services portfolio

icon-mathtourWarehouse optimisation

Simulation and optimisation methods are the deciding factors for the strategic and operative planning, and the realisation of, improvements in logistics.

icon_szenarienScenario-based simulation

The mathematical computer simulation is part of the process to develop complex or dynamic systems. Various “virtual” experiments on the model deliver findings about the real systems.

icon_softwareSoftware based realisation

Our software development and database specialists realise the IT based implementation of your project requirements and integrate your project into the existing software solution.

icon_datenanalyseData analysis

The analysis of qualitative data according to scientific criteria is one of our core competencies when creating logistical forecasting models.

icon_projektunterstuetzungProject support

We fulfil all roles in the process of initiating, carrying out and completing the project. These roles include project controlling, documentation and project reviews.

icon_schulungGetting started, training and support

We offer a training program to help your staff use the Math.Tec’s applications in a professional and correct manner. We will support you during the entire product life cycle and are always on hand to provide advice and support.

icon_modellierungMathematical warehouse modelling

We carry out the modelling process with several variants and alternatives, calculate the optimal solution and then interpret and critically assess how relevant this solution is to the defined problem.

icon_algorithmenAlgorithms for optimisation

Out central know-how is based on the fact that we not only use existing optimisation processes but also develop individually tailored algorithms for the optimisation process.

Math.Tec Portfolio