We know how things work.

MATH.TOUR – Route optimisation

Delivery services and cost saving on the basis of mathematical algorithms

We ask the right questions so we can understand your delivery and collections routes. Then we listen and analyse the relevant data. Based on this information, we use MATH.TOUR to plan an improved delivery service which will in turn optimise your costs. We combine our experience in route planning with your planning requirements and the most modern mathematical algorithms. And that’s added value that bears fruit.

Whether it be complex, or less complex: It has to work in the real world. That’s why we work with top scientists from the areas of mathematical optimisation to create a solution for your company which is not only individual, but also innovative.

The following factors will be taken into account for the calculation:
• The vehicle attributes (lifting tailgate, car, semitrailer)
• Available loading ramps or the dispatch capacity in depots and stores
• The shift and kilometre costs (further condition systems can be added)
• Different delivery windows (individual configuration according to the product range, store and week day)
• Loading and unloading times as a combination of fixed and variable rates (including return trips)

The following is possible with MATH.TOUR:
• Manually intervening in the optimisation process (for example, fewer double shifts, meaning higher flexibility)
• The ability to plan a day ahead of time, and operative rescheduling during operations (i.e., if changes are made to the vehicle fleet, changed quantities, etc.)
• Manual planning (drag and drop for orders, rounds and shifts)
• Comparing scenarios using key indicators (shifts, kilometres, costs per pallet, etc.)
Delivery and connection routes which run like clockwork: MATH.TOUR gets things moving. Complex systems, simple handling and a unique and individual solution designed especially for you all bring an optimisation in costs which you will soon notice.