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Transport logistics with Math.Tec

A transport doesn’t just go from a to b. A transport should be planned and organised according to an ideal plan: Choice of transportation, transport routes, loading and unloading, delivery and much more. We take these parameters into account when calculating the transport logistics.

A classic requirement of transport logistics is that goods be transported from various supply points to various demand points with a minimum of costs under real world conditions. All of the following are deciding factors: Local and individual conditions such as the unloading site, route options, loading volume limits, the quantity of goods to be delivered, the conditions on site, the levels and depth of the logistics processes (warehousing vs. just-in-time production) and legal requirements for trade relations (i.e., customs duties). This means parameters which are relevant in the real world can often differ from the academic ideal world.

And this is where it gets interesting: Every possible parameter that could have an influence has to be included in the mathematical model. Very often, the required result can only be achieved by viewing and modelling the entire supply chain.

This approach provides latitude for improvements to be made. Mathematical optimisation has it in its power to make everything quicker, simpler and cheaper. And that’s a win-win situation.