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MATH.PICK – Warehouse Optimisation Software

Warehouse Optimisation using mathematical processes in the areas of optimisation and statistics

Anything is possible – you just have to know how. MATH.PICK guarantees an optimal assignment of goods to picking stations and route an optimisation of the routes. This means we can achieve a 20% reduction in the route distances, depending on the starting situation, as well as a significant reduction in the total picking costs.

This is a calculation which will really benefit your company. It takes into account various factors such as:
• Properties and configuration of the picking stations: Capacity, height, warehouse level, etc.
• Properties and configuration of the products: Division into article groups, weight, density, etc.
• Conditions in the warehouse: One- way systems, corridors for passage, block warehouse, etc.
• Condition and capacity of the picking loaders (roll container, pallets, different boxes, etc.)
• Capacity limits, based on actual order information, such as the number of pallets required according to the corridor or the time

You can see for yourself: MATH.PICK turns problems into solutions. We can calculate an individual optimisation for your company – just give us a call.