MATH.TOUR – Route optimisation in the food trade

Our experience in route planning forms the basis for planning your optimal route using MATH.TOUR. This will provide an improved delivery service and at the same time lead to cost optimisation.

We shall take your requests regarding planning into account and combine these with our own experience to provide real added value to your company. MATH.TOUR will optimise your delivery and collection routes using the most up-to-date mathematical algorithms.

We will create a tailor-made solution for your company which is adapted to your individual circumstances such as delivery details, opening times, time windows, vehicle size and so on. This solution will optimise your processes to ensure your company has the most effective route planning possible.

Our project experience, combined with the best scientists from the area of mathematical optimisation, makes it possible for us to furnish your complex (and of course also not so complex) problems with practical and innovative solutions.


  • Vehicle attributes are taken into account (tail-lift, motor vehicle, semi-trailer)
  • Different temperature zones in the truck are taken into account
  • The store’s intake capacity outside normal opening hours is taken into account. This includes cold store capacity
  • Available loading bays and ramps or dispatch capacity are taken into account in depots and stores
  • Optimising the shift and kilometer costs (further condition systems can be expanded)
  • Different delivery windows are taken into account (individual configuration according to the product range, store and week day)
  • Loading and unloading times as a combination of fixed and variable rates (including return trips)
  • It is possible to use the optimisation process manually (for example, fewer double shifts to allow for higher flexibility)
  • Strategic forward planning of a day and operative rescheduling during actual operations (for example, changing vehicle fleets, reduced volumes, etc.)
  • Manual planning possible (drag & drop for order, routes or shifts)
  • Scenario comparisons using features (shifts, kilometers, costs per pallets, etc.)
  • Splitting orders according to given rules
User friendly features

  • Ergonomic interface
  • Several languages
  • Multi-user and permissions concept
  • Drag & Drop
User friendly features, report and export functionalities

  • Graphical representation of results (Gantt charts)
  • Card view using Xserver/Bing (more available on request)
  • Creating individual reports
  • Copy and paste order data to Excel (additional to the database interface)
  • Export using copy and paste also possible
  • Database interface to read all data relevant to planning (key data as well as daily data for planning)
  • Database interface to export optimisation results
  • SAP interface optionall
  • Program identifies locations, distances (based on vehicle) and travel time using addresses (manual control possible)
  • Import and export of scenarios